So welcome! I am Louise.

I am insane for the most part. I act like 11. I fangirl. I am boring and weird. I am a fan of Real Madrid, German National Team and Mesut Özil (oh gosh! The similarities!) Lol. He's my favorite player.

But in general, this blog is way too random to even describe most of the reblogs/posts. To help you through it, there are the other tabs to help you!

I don't always follow back, but maybe I do. I don't know. Thank you for visiting my blog! Hope you enjoy your stay (and come back) Have a nice day! :D

This is me.

If you want to personally know me, which I know you're so itching to do now, please do pm me. I don't bite. I am quite awkward. But I am fine. Thank you very much.

In terms of posting, I just post whatever I like. But I usually do a post-match fangirling analysis every after game. It is kind of a necessity to troll my hearts out after a football game. The sport likes throwing my feels for 90 minutes. The seriousness of the post depends on the day, my monthly period or the game itself. 

My blog contains mostly of:

I used to do gifs. I am just a frustrated gif editor though. I can't put a dramatic gif. And I don't know why. I also like quoting personalities. I used to like Mourinho' quotes but they're not our coach anymore. So don't bother! :) 

This page is dedicated to all tumblr posts I like. This is how I can easily go back and see them once again much faster than doing it in Archive. 

Harry Potter (#HP) - anything that has to do with HP are all here. 

dfq - are posts dedicated to random funny posts.

Extraordinary Animals (#pets) - posts about cute and rare creatures.

Favorite Movies - are mostly gifs from my favorite movies.

Quotations - are posts to live by.

Couples - are for the sweetest or cutest couple I saw. I used to tag bromances (shipping players) with couples but I guess "Bromance" suits it better. 

Football (#Footie) - the beautiful edits that pertains to the most beautiful sport in the world. 

Real Madrid (#RM) - awesome posts and edits dedicated to my favorite football club. 

Individual Players: 

Cristiano Ronaldo (#CR7)

Iker Casillas (#Ikerbels)

Sergio Ramos (#Sergiobels)

Marcelo Vieira (#Marcelobels)

Mesut Ozil (#Ozilicious)

Esteban Granero (#El Pirata)

Gonzalo Higuain (#Pipabels)

Karim Benzema (#Benze)

Nuri Sahin (#Nuribels)

Jose Callejon (#Calleti)

Ricardo Kaka (#Kakabels)

Xabi Alonso (#Xabi)

Sami Khedira (#Samibels)

Alvaro Arbeloa (#Arbie)

Raul Albiol (#Nini)

Pepe (#Pepebels)

German NT:

Die Nationalmannschaft (also German Babies) - wonderful posts and edits about the German National Team. I used to tag them using "german babies" but lately I find it inappropriate for my age so I changed it to "mannschaft". XD

Marco Reus (#Reusy) 

Andre Schürrle (#Shü)

Mario Götze (#supermario)

Just for the heck of it. You can ask/request anything. 

From gif making to watching your favorite movie so we can gel together. 

I can even read bed time stories if you want. I am all yours beybe! :) 

Hahahaha. I just don't know what to do with this last tab. Tell me!! 

My first ever gif! I can make tons of them now! hoho! I’ll try to improve on it though, this took most of my patience for the day! I’ll just try to do the watermark next time. 

Done! Palm Sunday it is! Time to go to church! Have a blessed Sunday everyone! ;) 

My first ever gif! I can make tons of them now! hoho! I’ll try to improve on it though, this took most of my patience for the day! I’ll just try to do the watermark next time. 

Done! Palm Sunday it is! Time to go to church! Have a blessed Sunday everyone! ;) 

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